Thursday, August 15, 2013

Derby, England  36x48"

                                 Douro Valley, Portugal               24x48"

                                                               Window Cactus  20x20"

Peignitz River, Bavaria  36x36"

Palace of Knossos, Crete  30x40"

Boise Foothills   36"x48"

                                                Harvest Moon with Peach Tree  30x40"

Garden Sunset    40x30"

Pineapples  Dip-tych 20x20" x2

Oranges and Cactus  30x40x2"

Assisi, Italy  30x40"

Moonlight, Douro Valley  30x40"

Pine Trees    24x48"

                                                       Midsummer, England

         Serenity        30x40" 

Astoria, OR  20x20"

Newport, OR  20x20"

Monterey, CA  20x20"

Florence, Oregon  30x40"

Strawberry Hills - Germany

Clouds      40x30"  SOLD

Puppies   36x36"

Starry Night  40x40"  

Daisies from Heaven  36x36"   SOLD

Santa Cruz  20x20" Sold

Sunflowers  20x20"  SOLD

Sheep Country  24x24"

Oregon Coast 30x40"

Puerto Vallarta  24x20

Cleo's Ferry Crossing

                                   Sunflowers  30x40"  SOLD

                                        Sheep  24x24"  SOLD

Boise Highlands 36"x36"  SOLD

Cabin in the Woods  18x24"

Rudesheim, Germany  40x30"

Sunflowers  36"x48"  SOLD

The Garden  36"x48"

The Phoenix  36x48  SOLD


Paris   30X36"

New England  30x36"

Provence  30x36"

                                    Holland  30"x36"  

Italy    30x36"

England  30x36"

Charte Cathedral, France   30x36"  SOLD

Greece     30x36"  SOLD

    Hungary    30x36"

Belgium   30x36"

Prague   30x36"

CORFU  36X30"

                                          Goat Hill 18x24"

                                            Gold Farm 12x12


 Gold Orchard 12x12"

Coquille Lighthouse  18x18"

Gloria  24"x24"  SOLD

Island of Marie  18"x18"

Puppies    42x38

Orange Hills  24x30"

Martha's Key  24x30"

Railroad   24x30"

Sunrise  24x24"  SOLD

MoonRise    24x24"  SOLD

                                 Lincolns House  Spring   30"x40"

                         Lincolns House  Summer   30"x40"

                         Lincolns House  Autumn  30"x40"

                            Lincolns House Winter   30"x40"

                                    Apple Season   20x20"

                                      Apple Orchard  24x30"

                                        Square Mile  20x20"

                                  Boise Depot    24"x30"  SOLD

                                           Pear Tree  12"x18"


Lahaina Church   12x12"

    C&H Maui    16x20"

    Coast of Maui    20x20"  SOLD

            St. Michaels Cathedral       24x30"  SOLD

    St. Michaels Square   12x12"

                                          Island    18"x12"


                             Sawtooth Mountains  40"x30"  SOLD

                                Orange Cloud Villa  36"x30"


Ambrose  18"x18"

Apple Truck  38"x54"   SOLD

 Coast of Maine  24"x24"

Behind Sedona  30"x36"

Cloud Shadow  24"x30"  

Oregon Coast  24"x24"

Dalmation with Gold Apples  30"x36"

Dingo Dogs  19"x23"

Land of Milk  Honey  50"x42"  SOLD

Lighthouse  42"x46"

 Monday Morning   36"x36"  SOLD

Moon Valley Ranch  24"x48"

Row Crops   24"x30"

Polouse County  24"x48"

Red Barn   36"x36"

Red Roofs  38"x38"

Road Rooster   31"x33"

 Roses and Refrigerator  49"x49"

Sara      46"x42"  SOLD

Shaffer Butte  30"x26"

Sheep Sunrise  28"x24"

 St. Michaels Cathedral  24"x18"  SOLD

Sisters at Starbucks  52"x52"

Stone Soup  36"x44"

Sunshine Vinyards  29"x32"

Island Rowcrop  24"x24"

Gardens and Vinyards  29"x28"

Walnut Tree  24"x30"


Woman with Pups  19"x23"

Yellow Sky  18"x18"

Pepper Door  44"x42"

Golden Bear  41"x38"

Purple Mesa  24"x36"

Tulips  30"x28"

Irridescent Light 30"x36"  


  1. I saw you Maine coastline painting at the Boise Art Museum. How may I contact you to inquire about purchasing a painting?

  2. When I looked at the first picture, I thought it was real. This is just amazing. Very colorful and pretty. Loved how you did the little detailing.

  3. I am truley impressed by your work. I also paint with water colors. Its fun to paint when you feel sad or bore.

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